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Decker Bros.
Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--The Decker Bros. Piano Company

Established--1862, by David and John Becker, in New York, NY.

Other brand-names used by this manufacturer--

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--
Source: Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition (2008, Larry Ashley Publisher, Albuquerque, NM).

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Decker Square Grand #5382
Elegant rosewood cabinet. Built in 1869. Reconditioned by Ray's Piano Service in 2004.
As a rule, we are reluctant to service square grand pianos because parts are unavailable, and because most older square grand pianos no longer play well due to wear and age of moving parts. We felt this square grand had potential, and that we would not need to make too many parts in the reconditioning process. We arranged with the owner to charge for our time spent on the job, and we did not provide the normal one-year guarantee on our improvements. Nevertheless, we were pleased with the final result--and the client was delighted! All the keys now play, and the dampers work quite well also.

Recondition action—Tighten all screws, reshape hammers, repair or replace defective parts.
Complete Regulate—All adjustments to ensure that piano plays well. Install new underkey punchings. Tune to pitch.
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