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Ray Klapwyk, a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) member of the Piano Technicians Guild, has over 38 years' experience with tuning and repairing new and used acoustic pianos. In October, 2022, Ray and his wife, Phyllis, moved to Geneva, MN, to be closer to family in Iowa. In previous service areas--Hamilton Canada, Bellingham WA, and Becker, MN--Ray was highly respected for his precise aural tunings, and for his ability to address issues with pianos requiring repairs, regulation adjustments, or voicing. He looks forward to meeting and serving piano owners located within 50 miles from his home and shop in Geneva, MN.

During the 1983-84 academic year, when Ray learned how to tune pianos by ear at Perkins School of Piano Technology in Ohio and practiced the arts of repairing, rebuilding, refinishing, regulating, and voicing pianos, he felt strongly drawn into a new career--even while enjoying his work as school teacher and principal. Both careers occupied his time while living in Ontario, Washington and Minnesota. In Geneva, Ray, now semi-retired, will focus on a part-time basis on his work for piano clients.

Meet Ray Klapwyk, RPT
For almost 40 years I have devoted much of my time to piano tuning and repairing, an art which I became passionate about during my mid-forties in the middle of my career as an educator. I think of myself, foremost, as a classical musician eager to devote my skills as a tuner-technician to help piano-owning clients make high calibre music in their homes, studios, and concert halls.

Ray Klapwyk, RPT
Ray’s Piano Service
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