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Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--Detroit Organ Company, later named Farrand & Votey (1887) and re-named Farrand Piano Company (1897).

Established--1883 in Holland, MI.

Other brand-names used by this manufacturer--Farrand-Cecilian player

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--
Source: Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition (2008, Larry Ashley Publisher, Albuquerque, NM).

Note: To obtain the age of your piano and details about the manufacturer, click: Pierce Piano Atlas--"the world's most authoritative publication on piano manufacturers, past and present." To learn how a piano works and how to go about buying one, we encourage you to purchase The Piano Book.
54 1/2" Farrand Upright #23869
Mahogany cabinet, painted by previous owner.  Built about 1900 in Holland, MI. Restored by Ray’s Piano Service in Fall 2005
Recondition action—Complete cleaning, tighten all screws, reshape hammers, install new bridle tapes.
Complete Regulation—all adjustments to ensure that piano plays like new, tune to A-440
57" Farrand Upright #20008
Built in 1916 by the Farrand Piano Company of Holland, MI. Action and Harp in original condition. Has great potential for reconditioning/rebuilding/refinishing. Reconditioned in 2011, delivered to buyer in Bellingham, WA.
II - Reshape hammers, tighten screws, install new bridle tapes, complete regulation using new underkey punchings, tune.
III - Recondition pedal mechanisms, install new keytops, strip and complete refinishing, replace fallboard decal.
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