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The "Lexington" brand name was first controlled by Conway Company and taken over by Jacob Doll & Sons in the mid 1920s, by Hallet & Davis in the 1930s, and by National Piano Manufacturing, Boston, in the 1940s.
Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--Conway.


Other brand-names used by this manufacturer

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--Hallet & Davis, National Piano Mfg.
Lexington Upt. Player # 95287
Dark Walnut, Built in 1929, Restored by Ray's Piano Service in 2003
Remove player action--Remove top player action and lower player action.
Recondition action
—Complete cleaning, install new hammers, tighten action screws, replace all defective parts.
Regulate—all adjustments to ensure that piano plays like new, install new underkey punchings, tune to A-440.
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