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George Steck
Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--George Steck & Co.

Established--1857 by George Steck, in New York, NY.

Other brand-names used by this manufacturer--

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--Aeolian American (1904-)
Source: Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition (2008, Larry Ashley Publisher, Albuquerque, NM).

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4'6" George Steck Grand #184797
Mahogany cabinet. Built in 1966. Restored by Ray's Piano Service in 2004.
Recondition—Complete cleaning, install new strings & pins, tighten action screws, reshape hammers, replace defective parts.
all adjustments to ensure that piano plays like new (keyheight & levelling, hammer alignment & blow distance, letoff, drop, keydip, damper levers & wires, sostenuto), tune to A-440.
--Repair veneer as needed, strip and sand cabinet & bench.  Apply stain and lacquer. Install new rubber buttons and fallboard decal. Polish pedals, rebuild & refinish lyre. Refinish and re-upholster matching bench.
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