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Story & Clark
Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--Story & Clark Piano Co.

Established--1859 by Hampton L. Story, in Burlington, VT.

Other brand-names used by this manufacturer--

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--
Source: Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition (2008, Larry Ashley Publisher, Albuquerque, NM).

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40" Story & Clark Console #185590
Mahogany cabinet with matching bench. Built in 1947. Reconditioned by Ray’s Piano Service in 2004.
Recondition action—Complete cleaning, replace all plastic parts with wood--3 flanges & 1 jack for each note  (to ensure long-term reliability)
Complete Regulation—
all adjustments to ensure that piano plays like new, tune to A-440
Partial Refinishing—
Since the cabinet was in good shape with very little damage except for a large water-stain on the lid, we could restore this piano to as-good-as-new appearance by refinishing only the lid.
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