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Original Manufacturer of this brand-name--Wentworth Piano Company.

Established--1910 in Boston, MA.

Other brand-names used by this manufacturer--

Other manufacturers of this brand-name--
Source: Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition (2008, Larry Ashley Publisher, Albuquerque, NM).

Note: To obtain the age of your piano and details about the manufacturer, click: Pierce Piano Atlas--"the world's most authoritative publication on piano manufacturers, past and present." To learn how a piano works and how to go about buying one, we encourage you to purchase The Piano Book.
53" Wentworth Upright Player #85757
Brown Mahogany, Built in 1920. Restored by Ray's Piano Service in 2004.
Recondition—Complete cleaning, reshape hammers, tighten action screws, replace defective parts. Rebuild pedal mechanisms. Recondition player action, install new player hoses. Remove lower player components. NOTE: The player works very well considering its age. Since we removed the lower player mechanism, it is powered only by an electric vacuum pump and no longer has the foot pedals or the bellows. Our 1-year guarantee does not extend to the player.
all adjustments to ensure that piano plays like new, tune to A-440. Regulate player action.
Partially refinished--Cabinet parts cleaned with special "restorer" chemical to fill scratches and blemishes with color.
--New mahogany bench with vinyl cover.
1920 Wentworth Upright Player "Before"
1903 Kimball Upright "After"
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